How To Get Rid Of Back Pains

The most stressful physical pain, apart from the obvious headaches, has to be the back pains and the most popular considering the amount of people you hear you have the same condition. These back pains can be very disruptive in our daily routines because you are constantly burdened with a sharp, agonizing pain running through your shoulders and spine that demands you lie back onto a certain position. Moreover, the pain distracts you from doing the work you are supposed to, creating a halt that remains in motion until you find a proper treatment. Here are a few ways recommended by adelaide family chiro that can help you relieve pain in your backs.

Sleep right

The most common cause of any back pain problem is when you start sleeping wrong. The position you sleep in, is an important part of determining how good you sleep. Sometimes, the pain emerges because you did not have adequate amount of sleep in bed which could also create the pain receptors in your back. Sleep on a comfortable mattress such that your back can be relieved and try sliding a pillow between your knees, laying on your side as it does not allow the pain to aggravate unlike other positions.

Slumping is bad

Yeah, that may be the worst thing you might see on the internet today but kiddo, it is absolutely right. You need to maintain a good posture. The chiropractors try maintaining that posture too when you have aggravated the pain too much to get to the back. When working on the laptops, or reading a book, do not slouch. Even with walking, maintain a good shoulder position such that you do not experience unnecessary back pains at an early age. Lay you feet flat on the ground and put a pillow between the surface and your back to avoid such disruptive pain.


Many people believe that the back pains can be treated through meditation and yoga. This particular theory is also seconded by chiropractors. Yoga, in the early mornings, may be the best time to relieve the joints and tissues of your body that have been stiffed and tensed for too is an effective method that can help the circulation of your blood become more efficient which ultimately loosens your muscles and creates a good environment for the body.

Warm pools

Exercises can prove to be quite painful when done excessively and in the beginning. On the other hand, the warm water can prove to be a good replacement that not only smooths the muscles but also creates an effective treatment for back pains. You can also engage in various hydro exercises that have been suggested by chiropractors to be efficient.

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Breast cancer: a “pink” dinner to donate an ultrasound machine to the Belcolle breast center

A ” pink dinner “, a dinner in pink on the women’s side to raise funds to support the fight against breast cancer. The Senology Center of the Belcolle Hospital in Viterbo organizes it for Saturday, December 14th . The proceeds will be donated to AMAN , the Association for Assistance and Treatment of Neoplastic Diseases of Viterbo , which will use it to purchase a portable ultrasound system for the Center . Godmother of the initiative, the Cuban model, showgirl and actress Ariadna Romero .

The evening has the patronage of LILT, the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer , and is open to all (8.30 pm, Alla Corte delle Terme – Exclusive Resort, Strada Procoio 6, Viterbo). A great opportunity to support the Belcolle Center’s commitment to women who face the battle against breast cancer every day.

Belcolle’s Breast Center: alongside women against breast cancer
The Belcolle Senology Center , directed by Dr. Francesco Cavaliere , represents an organizational and care model that, thanks to the presence of a multidisciplinary medical team , offers psychophysical diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation courses to women with breast cancer . The goal is to guarantee them the best therapies, but also the best quality of life.

A specialist clinic that wants to be a point of reference, of help and listening for all women . A center of excellence where the woman can feel welcomed, supported, guided, never alone in the face of illness.

For diagnostic and treatment programs, the center also supports the commitment to awareness and prevention . A commitment that carries on through days of free visits and screening , such as the one organized in 2018 on the occasion of Women’s Day. Next Saturday’s dinner adds a piece to this vocation.

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The first contraceptive pill that is taken once a month is being tested

For the moment, the new pill has only been tested on animals . The preclinical data are promising and encourage researchers to move forward in the path for the development of this contraceptive. The study is published in Science Translational Medicine .

Monthly pill: preclinical tests and future prospects
To develop this revolutionary monthly contraceptive pill, the US team designed a gelatin capsule that, folded inside, has a six-arm mechanism in which the oral contraceptive drug levonorgestrel was inserted. When the capsule arrives in the stomach, the shell dissolves and the arms open, engaging. This helps the device remain in the stomach , where it can release the drug for prolonged periods. A device that allows you to bypass the limits of oral medications, which have very short gastrointestinal transit times and therefore do not allow a prolonged release of the active ingredient.

The researchers administered the drug to a group of pigs and tested the oral contraceptive over time by measuring its concentration in the blood. They observed that the drug had been released at a steady rate for a period of 29 days . Further studies are underway to move to the clinical trial phase for women .

monthly contraceptive pill
“Our capsule represents an important step towards offering women a contraceptive to be taken only once a month. For many, this can be hard to believe. But our preclinical data is encouraging us along that path, “assured Giovanni Traverso, gastroenterologist and researcher at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and MIT, author of the study . “We started our study on prolonged drug release by working with therapies for malaria, tuberculosis and HIV. But we also reflected on the potential impact that prolonged drug release could have on family planning. We wanted to help women in fertility control and we are pleased to report our progress. “

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